3D Gait Assessment

The 3D gait assessment is a long-term solution to running related technique and injuries. You will get guidelines of evidence based best practice in biomechanics and physiological preparation and injury management. Your gait pattern will be accurately measured for joint angles of your pelvic, hips, knees and ankles using advanced 3D technology determining the root cause of your running growing pains. Simultaneously, your running maximal aerobic power and capacity (VO2max) can also be examined.

This is an evaluation for runners of all levels to assist those who may currently also be under the care of a sports coach, physician, physiotherapist or podiatrist providing substantial information facilitating your performance and/or injury evaluation.

While running on the treadmill we capture your running pattern with 12 infra-red camera motion capture system and calculate your joint angles in 3D . Following joint angle measurement, we compare your biomechanics to uninjured runners. This allows us to identify any unusual patterns in your running style. If required we will assess your VO2max and power output.