Impact Running Analysis

The analysis looks at your lower extremity loading providing information of your tibial shock level when running. Using this information you can: 1) identify whether you are at risk of stress fracture or injuries to the lower leg, and 2) identify differences in 'Shock Absorption' between running shoes to assist you with choosing the best shoe that will reduce the shock from the ground.

Initially you will be screen to identify whether your running is at risk. Later you will have the option to participate in the Biofeedback Training program to reduce your ground impact.

The Biofeedback Training program include 8 session over 2 week period. In each session you will run on a treadmill at a self-selected speed. The tibia impact will be displayed on a monitor in front of the treadmill providing you with feedback. Horizontal line will be displayed at approximately 50% of your average values measured from your screening session. While running you will need to keep the tibia peak impact below the line.

In most cases training will be conducted at our clinic. However, it is possible to have the training sessions at your prefered location.